Animal hair allergy and allergy to cats – what to do?

What can one do with a pet owner allergy, as with cats, in order to get its Bescjwerdem again under control? Also I had developed an animal hair allergy against cats when I fetched my cat at the beginning. Although I already had many cats as a child, it only became apparent that I was allergic to cats when my own cat came. In this video I want to give you some courage if you have a cat hair allergy yourself!

After 4 weeks allergy

As I already wrote, after 4 weeks, after my own cat was there, I got a cat hair allergy. I’ve been dealing with cats since I was a kid.

The first months and weeks

…I spent time with the typical asthma, sneezing and snot attacks known from hay fever. In the morning the eyes and face always felt swollen.

I went to the family doctor.
This did various tests, with cat the allergy test turned out correctly. I was down first. Worried I’d have to give away my beloved cat.

My doctor then did a lingual hyposensitization. You give yourself 3 times a week 8 strokes of a remedy under the tongue. Leave that there for two minutes and swallow it. Harmless, non-toxic 🙂

I started at the end of 2004

…with it and I have greatly reduced symptoms. So almost nothing!

But you have to take it regularly and at fixed times. But it helped me a lot.

My doctor advised me against a hyposensibilization with the well-known syringe.

Finally I can give you the following summary:

  • Cat separated from bedroom. Okay – I’m not doing this. My cat sleeps at night with me. But it can help.
  • No carpets. Have something you can clean well – laminate, parquet, PVC.
  • Vacuum 2 x a week and wipe with a damp cloth. Collect all the hair.
  • Allerpet – that sticks hair and saliva together, so you have less allergens in the air.
  • hyposensitization
  • Extra pajamas. Do not enter the bedroom with normal clothes.
  • Before sleeping shower- keeps the cat hair, which is on own body and in hair, out of the bedroom.
  • Give away your cat? That’s for you to decide. No one can make that decision for you! If the allergy is really extra strong, you should rethink that. But my allergy was also strong at the beginning and has greatly improved over the years. I’m glad I didn’t give away my cat back then. She is an anchor in my life, takes care of me when I am ill and then lies a lot with me and I take care of her.

bottom line

I’ve followed many of these tips. It helped a lot.

  • Especially the Hypo brought extreme improvement!

Update July 2007 – No more Hypo after relocation to Hesse

After moving from Rhineland-Palatinate to Hesse I had to find another doctor. My new general practitioner could no longer prescribe the medication. In Hessen there is probably a regulation that family doctors may not and only Allergologen prescribe.

So I went to the allergologist – allergy to cats what to do

After a very unfriendly conversation with him, in which he criticized my indoor cat attitude, questioned the method of treatment of my old doctor and generally doubted the success of the treatment, the conclusion came out that he DOES NOT continue the treatment.
From his point of view, I can give the cat away. Shouldn’t I have to take the risk I’d like to skip the test.

I had no need to comment whether he would give away his wife or children as well… Or if he even has pets.

I’m correspondingly angry out of practice. So I’m going to consult my general practitioner. Trying to find another allergist.
If need be, I pay for the medicine myself.

There’s no way a therapy can be stopped in the second of the third years. Nor can it be the case that this miserable allergist will write off the success of the therapy to “spychosomatic effect” and thus not have any real treatment success for him.

I can only say: From thick swollen and watery eyes with cough only a light, occasional coughing remains after 2 years.

  • And this: Is a success verifiable for ME.

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