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What does the cat need in terms of furnishings? Scratching trees for domestic cats, cat litter boxes, feeding bowls and toys for domestic cats recommendation.

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What does the cat need in terms of furnishings – scratching trees – toilet – etc.?

First of all: My cat is a domestic cat without a free walk. Years ago my father’s cat was driven dead by a car and I didn’t want to do this misery to myself with my first own.
But you go happy, a list of things I bought my cat.

Cat Furnishings Equipments Household cats Basic equipment / Cat furnishings

The quality is rather not so important – after 2 years all are worn out... They are available in all price ranges, sizes and shapes. More important is much more:

Got enough – at least 1

Tree per room and distributes them to places the cat uses.
Ever since I’ve had enough trees, mine haven’t scratched the wall!

I have two ceiling heights, and two small, chest high scratching trees. The ceiling heights are available for 60 Euro. The cat has a lot of fun with it, a good high seat.
It is important that the fabric cover is glued to the wooden board – the fabric will withstand the claws longer. Cheaper scratching trees rarely have that.

Cat litter tray for cats

1 large litter box with hood and entrance door

There was the luxury version of Gimpet. They’re such big cat litter boxes, a little dog can get killed. It’s correspondingly expensive. The quality is the same, it is doubly protected against urine leakage, through the flap/entrance door the cat does not scatter so much litter.

3 stainless steel feeding bowls / cat equipment

For water, wet food, dry food. Please don’t buy plastic bowls. These contain softeners, which can trigger allergies in cats. Better is glass, porcelain, stainless steel. Make sure that they have a rubber edge, so these Freessnäpfe do not slide on the floor!

Toys for cats

My cat doesn’t need much. A box to scratch, a string to catch, some plastic blankets to hunt.

My favorite toy, simple but used:

  • Softbäööe – yes, really! Cheap, simple toy for cats.
  • Then I use an old roll of Zewa rolls. Long!

Viewing platforms for cats

My cat likes to look through the window all day, so I put her trees there. She prefers to sleep at the top of the wardrobe. There she has a basket with a blanket in which she lies down.

Time for the cat

More important than all toys are regulated times. Don’t leave the kittens alone long. Since always at home at the same times. She gets used to it fast and doesn’t pee in your apartment out of frustration. I wouldn’t leave my kittens alone longer than 2 nights. Even a lot of food. Then I’d take care of an animal sitter or an animal hotel.

Cuddles a lot with the house cat. Play with your cats. Tell the cat something.
Even if you don’t believe it when you’re not a cat owner, cats understand you and they also hear you when you’re nice to them!

Cat Litter Recommendation

Which cat litter is recommended for the cat?
I came with nothing so rightly. I buy from the Lidl myself, but otherwise the following brands are recommended. Make sure that they are not perfumed, this can irritate the much more sensitive nose of the cat than in humans:

Conclusion – how do I make a cat happy?

My kitten is with me since the middle of 2004 and she is doing really well. She even went through a move without any problems and immediately found her way around.

So you don’t really need a lot of stuff for a cat. A few little things with a lot of attention and time are enough!

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