Read here which cat food I feed for my cat in dry food and wet food. What do I feed – how do I feed my cat? Grain-free feed, without wheat!

Smaller tips and tricks for nutrition and feeding the cat

First of all, my kittens aren’t that choosy. After now Since 2004 with me, a few things have turned out that she likes and tolerates very well.

So I feed my cat them:

  • 1x daily bowl Aldi wet food variety poultry as wet food with the yellow imprint. Just make sure you get some kind WITHOUT sugar. The stuff is of course not premium quality and unfortunately I know what is in it (many animal by-products). But I’ve also tried some quality food, from which the cat got the thinnest whistle. Since cats usually don’t drink much and often have kidney problems, I would like to alleviate the problem somewhat with the combination of wet food and dry food.
  • Fresh water for the cat. Will be changed regularly. Of course in the stainless steel feeding bowl, because plastic feeding bowls, as I already wrote, contain plasticizers that cause allergies.

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  • Grain-free dry food for cats. I am since 2011 on . Even if Orijen is more expensive without grain, it is of higher quality, does not cause allergies and contains no carcinogenic additives such as BHT, BHA! If you want a long life for your cat, just remember: grain-free, no preservative additives like BHA, BHT.
    I’m annoyed unfortunately that I recognized the problem with preservatives and cereals so late Unfortunately, it’s even the case that in would-be premium foods such as Royal Canin Indoor, which I’ve fed for years, BHA, BHT, and a high percentage of grain is.
    Premium feed with cereals? So not really much better than supermarket muck food …
    Buy the same high-quality cereal-free food for cats, your cat lives longer, gets no allergies, does not become obese.

At first I didn’t believe that high quality food would justify the price. But it really is! The cat eats less, because it is much faster satisfied by the quality of the food. In the end an expensive food is not more expensive than a cheap one! And in the long run, you’ll save high veterinarian bills. Short-term blind decisions can often have long-term disadvantages!

  • Malt paste for the cat. Since she’s an indoor cat, she gets malt paste for hairballs. Either you put a portion of cat grass in your apartment or you take . Cat grass doesn’t really live long with me and I find it awkward. Malt paste is very good for the kitten. I use Gimpet’s. Simply make sure that no E-numbers are contained as additives.
  • 1/2 organic egg a week for the cat to feed. Since ALDI has been offering organic eggs, even if they are quite expensive, I feed them to my cat once a week.
  • She doesn’t get any treats. No table scraps, no cheese, no Mlich, nothing at all. Sometimes you can’t stop her from licking a plate because it’s faster. But basically, I avoid that. It’s not good for the cats. Furthermore raisins, onions, chocolate are highly poisonous for cats!
  • Cat grass. I read an ingenious tip – so logical and I wondered why I didn’t think of it myself: Simple instead of moistening and pulling up the whole portion, only 1/3 of the portion! That does not rot then so fast and lasts fat for the cat! But watch out! If the grass is not used or has not been eaten for a long time, the cat can puke on the previously eaten food. It’s no big deal. But one should know!

How do I feed my cat?

I feed a wet food bowl once in the evening. Otherwise the cat has fresh water in the 2 other bowls and always a full bowl of dry food. Since she does not tend to be overweight, she can eat any dry food she likes.

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