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Cats Housing and care of domestic cats, cat care, coat care – most will have cats with a short to medium coat. What is the best way to care for my cat?

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I brush my cat about 2 to 3 times a week with an appropriate brush: I can recommend the following brush for the cat: Brush. This is a plucking brush, and keeps the old hair together for easy removal.

I have had various experiences with other types of brushes, and can really only advise you to use this brush, as everything else (strange gloves, strange care products) does not really absorb enough old hair.

Brushing the cat has the following advantages: the coat is better, and you really have less hair in your apartment, your furniture, your clothes! The brushing and the coat care of you comes thus to yourselves, and also to the cat towards!

Cat fur care Cat fur change / Cat fur care Household cat

It changes coat about twice a year, especially at the beginning of the year, when temperatures get warmer. I help to support them by brushing them about daily during this time. I prefer to brush the cat when it eats in the evening, so that it does not run away! But I must tell you that I have seen in videos where cats with a vacuum cleaner even vacuumed have been! My cat can really stand brushing for a few seconds even though she enjoys it.

Cutting of claws in a domestic cat – Care and keeping of domestic cats

Sometimes I cut the claws of my cat, but you must not cut the claws so deep, and you must be quick because many cats don’t like cutting the claws. If you have an apartment cat, you should take care to provide enough scratching possibilities so that the cat can lose its claws on it.

The cutting of claws, when he does this himself, should happen with a really special pair of scissors.

These are here: Claw scissors, you see, these are specially shaped! Looks like not using normal household scissors, or scissors for human fingernails, as these can crush a cat’s claws and do more harm than good.

Cleaning the cat’s ears

I cannot recommend that you clean the cat’s ears yourself as this can cause additional inflammation.

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