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cats signals cat language feel well house cat – cat – does she feel well with me?

Even if the signs are actually quite clear, I would like to summarize it briefly. That’s what my cat does when she’s comfortable with me!

Recognition signs and body language – cats signals cat language feel good

  • Purr when she’s lying with you
  • snuggle up, e.g. come crawling under the blanket
  • Sleeping on my stomach at night
  • dear Gemaue – that is a very deep “määäauh” or also a short “Bäck”, if she jumps to you
    • in contrast to the more moaning “nobody plays with me” mieee
  • Jumps on my hump and her little head presses into my hair
    • she also likes to lick her ears – I don’t like that very much now 🙂

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