They say cats have seven lives. But honestly, do we cat owners want to endanger even one of them? No! Therefore each cat owner should protect the balcony, so that nothing happens to the beloved Stubentiger. This can be done with a high-quality cat net and a little manual skill also fast. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when installing cat protection nets, so that the protective function of such a net is really guaranteed.

What does the cat net depend on?

Most cats love to sit on the balcony and watch the surroundings. Depending on its width, the balcony railing is often used as a running pole or even as a lying surface. However, the purring four-legged friends are not always quite as talented as we humans believe. Because cats and tomcats can also suffer a fatal misstep or when they nap on the balcony balustrade, one wrong movement is enough and the fur nose falls from the balcony. Of course, it also happens that the beloved house tiger uses the opportunity and obtains release.

With a cat net all these sources of danger can be massively contained and the balcony can be turned into an escape-proof zone. But this presupposes two essential conditions:

  • The network must be robust and resilient.
  • The safety net must be properly attached to balcony railings, balcony walls and balcony ceilings.

Because cats are sophisticated escape artists who also like to use the cat net for climbing and hanging. The net tissue is exposed to the body weight of the cat or tomcat. Cat nets of inferior quality are worn out or torn so that dangerous cracks or loopholes can appear. I therefore recommend to buy a cat protection net of good quality and at the same time to pay attention to a solid fastening. On this page is a nylon net, Polyethylene and even a cat net with wire reinforcement recommended.

How can a cat net be attached to a balcony?

Basically there are three possibilities for this, which I would like to introduce in more detail. Which mounting tool and accessories are required depends on the respective mounting method.

Fix the cat protection net directly to the wall and ceiling of the balcony.

The first variant is the net attachment with stable hooks, carabiners or cable ties and wire rope. Which of these materials are most suitable depends on the type of balcony and the balustrade. A drilling machine and suitable dowels are also required. To be on the safe side the landlord should be asked for permission!

On most balconies it is necessary to drill holes in the ceiling and the two side walls in order to install dowels and metal hooks. It is recommended to drill a hole at a distance of about 30 centimetres or to attach the net to the railing so that there are no loopholes.

Carabiners can then be inserted into the eyelets of the screwed-in hooks, where the net is finally hooked in. In order to stabilize the edges of the cat net, a wire rope can be braided, which is also latched into the karabiner. In this way, the cat net is also attached to the balcony above.

Fix cat net to balcony with telescopic poles

Another fixing method is based on telescopic rods, which are stretched vertically between the ceiling and the floor on both sides of the balcony. In addition, a third telescopic rod is clamped between the two walls at the top. The cat net is now connected with cable ties all around with the telescopic poles. This type of fastening is very popular because there is no major installation effort and the safety net can be installed without damaging the the building material again. With this method it is essential to ensure that the pull-out rods are really tight and do not slip even when the cat is hanging from the net and shuffling along the meshes.

Building a wooden frame for a cat net

This method is also relatively simple and, above all, very inexpensive. From simple roof battens, which can be bought cheaply at any DIY store, a suitable frame can be built that covers the entire open side of the balcony. The cat net can now be stretched around the wooden frame with cable ties. The cable ties should be placed at intervals of 20 centimetres. The wooden frame is then erected and fastened in some places, for example on the balcony railing, so that the wooden frame does not tip over.

Regardless of which fixing method is chosen to make the balcony safe for cats to break out and burglar-proof for foreign cats and tomcats, the fixing elements and the cat net should be checked regularly to ensure the desired security for the house tigers.

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