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Read which cat food is grain-free for the cat – which cat dry food is without grain, without wheat, without flour, without corn. see also: Test Purizon Adult Chicken Fish vs. Orijen

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In this video I show the Orijen cat food in the test, this is a cat dry food from Orijen, without grain, no wheat, no rice, no corn!

Why do I feed a cat food which is free of grain, wheat and maize?
Grains contain gluten, lectins, pectins and have negative effects on biology.

After some searching I found a food that I can now feed my cat without worries. Orijen contains no cereals, a lot of protein, and few vegetable carbohydrates, no corn, no wheat, no rice.

Neither humans nor animals can digest carbohydrates well. In both mammals, carbohydrates quickly turn into fat and provide only short-term energy. Vegetable carbohydrates increase the insulin level, which must be kept low for a long and carefree life in humans and animals.

Cat food grain-free for cats – Cat food as dry food without cereals in cat food without wheat Food for cats grain-free without maize

This grain-free feed concept can be transferred to the domestic cat with dry feed without grain. Both humans and cats are primarily carnivores. A cat also needs an even higher proportion of animal proteins than humans and certain vitamins, which are contained in cereal-free cat food for cats.

Ingredients of Orijen cat food grain-free (dry food without maize, flour, wheat)

Orijen cat food without cereals from Canada is biologically appropriate dry cat food for all breeds and life phases, high protein content, lots of fresh meat in food quality, without cereals.

* High protein content from fresh meat in food quality

* No cereals contained in cat food

* Little carbohydrates

* Rich in fruit and vegetables

* Health-promoting herbs and probiotic bacteria

dry cat food without maize – dry cat food without maize

  • High protein content from a lot of fresh meat: Cats are carnivores by nature and not vegetarians, their short digestive tract is adapted to a meat-based, protein-rich and at the same time low-carb myrate food. Cats are very effective at using proteins as a source of energy.
  • Only a meat-based food ensures the optimal health and vitality of your cat. Current studies show that a higher protein content also has a beneficial effect on kidney function. Diseases of the kidney are associated with the quality of the protein source. Orijen cat food does not contain any hard-to-digest proteins of vegetable origin whose degradation products can burden the kidneys. Orijen cat food contains at least 75% meat and fish in food quality.
  • * Fresh Canadian Chicken Meat: easily digestible proteins and fats* Fresh Canadian Turkey Meat: provides essential amino acids and natural vitamin B3* Freshly caught Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) from Canadian lakes* Freshly caught King Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha): High content of activated Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA) for healthy skin and shiny coat* Fresh eggs from Canadian farms: high-quality proteins, lutein and zeaxanthin for double eye protection
  • 2. no cereals, low carbohydrate content: cereals are a cheap source of energy and protein in cat food, cats are by nature but not used to eating grain, they have a very low biological need for carbohydrates. Many veterinarians see grain in feed as a cause of health problems, the high carbohydrate content in grain can lead to obesity, diabetes, digestive problems and other diseases.

cats dry food without cereals / without wheat / cats dry food without maize

  • 3. healthy fruits and vegetables from Canada:
  • * Apples: provide plant fibres for healthy digestion and are rich in phytonutrients with antioxidant, cell-protecting properties* Cranberries: can prevent urinary tract diseases and contain anthocyanins that improve vision and have anti-inflammatory and vascular properties* Spinach: contains vitamins A and C, also contains lutein and flavonoids with cell and cancer-protecting properties* Steamed potatoes: are nutritious and contain B vitamins and vitamin C as well as minerals* vine tomatoes: contain health-promoting vitamins and strong antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lycopene* carrots: contain beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body* seaweed: contains 12 vitamins, 21 amino acids and over 60 minerals and trace elements
  • 4. health-promoting plants: Cats instinctively select grasses and plants in nature that promote their well-being. The herbs contained in Orijen cat food have been selected by veterinarians.
  • * chicory and flea seeds: provide soluble fibre for a healthy digestive tract and stabilise the blood sugar level* dandelion, fenugreek and liquorice: protective and strengthening for liver, kidneys and metabolism* peppermint, turmeric, fennel seeds and chamomile blossoms: calm and support the digestive tract* marigold: contains cell-protecting flavonoids and lutein, can Reduces blood sugar fluctuations and supports digestion
  • 5. probiotics: maintain the healthy balance of the intestinal flora, promote the immune system and strengthen the body’s defences
  • 6. essential fatty acids: from chicken fat and salmon oil provide healthy skin and shiny coat
  • 7. proteinates: minerals and trace elements in natural, organically bound form for better bioavailability
  • 8. glucosamine and chondroitin: contribute to the protection of cartilage tissue and ensure healthy joints
  • (Orijen) Grain-free cat food for cats (at is ideal for all breeds and life phases, it contains no proteins of plant origin or animal by-products. Orijen cat food is food as provided by nature.

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