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Cat and house cat Equipment of an apartment, basic equipment for apartment cats – which equipment for cats is recommended? Basic equipment for a cat – what equipment do I need for an apartment cat?

Cats Housecats Equipment Basic equipment Equipment – Housing cats – Nutrition

Cat food: the following products are gluten-free, grain-free, and have a high protein content, the price is somewhat high, but justified, and your vet bill will be low for many years.

Scratching trees for cats

Here I recommend a cat tree in breast height.

And 2 scratching trees in ceiling height: this should be sufficient for an apartment cat!

Cat beds for cats

I have a cat bed but the cat only sleeps in it in winter, in summer it is too warm.

Toys for the cat

Some toy is quite nice!

cat toilets

Make sure you use a cat toilet with a hood and a door so you have less cat sand in the apartment.

feeding bowls for the cat

I recommend bowls made of stainless steel or porcelain, because plastic feeding bowls can cause allergies.

Fur care products for cats

I have really tried various products to care for my cat’s coat, various gloves, various brushes, I can really only recommend one product that lasted over all the years.

Claw care products for cats

Looks like not using normal household scissors, or scissors for human fingernails, as these can crush a cat’s claws and do more harm than good.

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