PETPROTECT Katzenkrankenversicherung

Cost of a cat to purchase accessories feed veterinarian.

Acquisition I got my cat “for free” from the animal shelter. I only had to pay the vaccination fees of 30 € and gave a small donation to the shelter. At some animal shelters you pay between 50 – 100 €. It is important that you clarify that the animal is already castrated / sterilized. Otherwise there will be an additional charge of ~ 100 €! My cat was already sterilized.


  • Cat litter box 20 €, 2 x cat tree, each approx. 20 €. Later, trees as high as the ceiling will be added. These cost about 60 €.
  • Fressnapf, 3 pieces, ca 3 € / piece.
  • Cat grass – 1 € the pack and malt paste, about 5 euros. That makes about 2 € per month.

feed costs

I have wet food bowls every day. Per serving, 30 cents. That’s about 10 € a month of wet food.
There’s also Orijen. This costs € 30 in a 2.5 kilo pack. lasts about 3 – 4 months!

Makes about 20 € feed costs per month

Veterinarian / Vaccination

Vaccinate once a year. Costs about 50-60 €. I also have the cat checked out – nose, eyes, teeth, stomach. It doesn’t cost the world.
I’ll have my cat vaccinated against everything except rabies – she stays inside.

  • Cat disease,
  • Cat cold,
  • FIP
  • Leukosis.

But also remember that a kitten can get sick. An Op can cost several hundred € at once, so you should put 20 € on your side every month.

animal boarding

Costs between 8 and 10 Euro per night. After that you should deworm the cat as a precaution. There are also worms that can and that are transferred from comrade to comrade!

bottom line

For ~ 50 € per month you took good care of the cat and put something on the side! This is the amount you should expect. I think it’s worth it.

I have gained a lot of quality of life with my kittens.

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