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Which costs arise with a cat / house cat at acquisition? Cats are quite cheap to keep as pets or cats in flats. Costs for veterinarian, basic equipment and food are favorable for a cat / flat cat (house cat costs).

I really recommend that you always have between 500 or up to 1000 € in reserve, should an emergency operation at the vet be necessary! The doctors often allow you to pay bills for the practice in installments, yet an operation for a cat can be very expensive! A free cat on a domestic cat who, for example, ignited his paw during a fight or broke his paw, can quickly become several 100 € expensive operations.

House cat costs: otherwise as mentioned cats are quite cheap – how much does a cat / house cat cost?

Cats from the shelter cost between 50 and 100 € when sterilized and neutered.

Cats from the farm, or free-range cats that you adopt, will incur higher costs because they have to be castrated, sterilized, dewormed, and parasitized. House cats from the animal shelter have this usually already behind itself.

Cat deworm cost / worming cats: Depending on the effort, this is about 30 – 50€!

Household cats costs: accessories for the cats, costs purchase cat / housecat:

For a household with the cat the following costs should plan: Stainless steel feeding bowls: about 20 €, a cat toilet, about 20 €, 2-3 scratching trees, about 100 to 150 €, with a freewheeler still a tattoo or a chip about 50 €.

If you want to secure the apartment, window grilles or special cat nets will be added. These are a little more expensive: so the protection of my balcony has about 200 €, including wood, cat nets, and cable ties.

Monthly costs for the cat at cat food / house cat

Calculate about 30 € to 40 € per month with cat food, if this should have a corresponding quality. Examples of good food: Orijen

Costs for veterinarian for a cat / domestic cat

Vaccination costs approx. 80 to 100 € per year, and you put about 100 € reserve per year on a special savings book for the cat if it gets sick in old age.

Cat Sterilization Costs – Cat Sterilization Costs

Cats Sterilize Costs: is about 50 to 100€ per cat!
Hangover sterilization: about 50€ – cat about 100€ costs for sterilization.

Holiday with the cat – Costs

Per day in a cat pension I pay about 8 €. I think this is justified because the cat has its own cage where it can live undisturbed by other cats.

So how much does the cat cost per year?

A cat can cost you about 500 to 1000 € a year, depending on how you treat it.
Costs for one cat per month are about 50€!

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