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The domestic cat, descending from the wildcat, already joined forces with man after he slowly settled down. As a waste recycler, the cat approached humans and they developed a relationship with each other. This development was based on worship and mummification, on catchers of rats and thus eliminators of rat plagues, up to the domestic animal, where it is not to be imagined today any more without it. Nowadays the cat belongs to the most popular domestic animals and lives in many households on earth.

But even today, the cat still occupies the role of waste recycler in households. What a lot of people don’t know: Not all foods are good for cats. Even if cats used to eat the remains of people’s food, it is not the same as it is today. Many of our foods have artificial ingredients and are composed of other ingredients as before. Cats have intolerances, diseases and problems with food just like humans do. With today’s consciousness and the knowledge we have about animals, it must be clear to everyone that animals also need a balanced diet and that food is not simply food.

Many cat food products have questionable ingredients. Among other things, feathers, claws and bone meal are used. These ingredients would never be eaten by a cat in nature. But since most people don’t know and think they are doing their cats good, they feed the cats some dangerous food. Although the products are advertised as containing everything that is important for the animal, this is not the case. Many products contain only a fraction of the minerals necessary to cover the energy consumption of their cuddly tiger. Around to avoid these dangers and to be able to offer your loved ones only the best of the best, it is advisable to buy cat food online. Suppliers have their products produced exclusively by organic producers and thus ensure that only natural ingredients are used. They also work together with doctors and veterinary practitioners who select the products and provide advice.

There are natural animal products not only for cats, but for all domestic animals and partly also farm animals. They have the advantage of really keeping what they promise. This makes it possible for animal lovers to establish a balanced diet and do something good for themselves. Nutrition is more important than you think, even for animals. Not for nothing one wins the hearts with the help of delicacies. However, you should always feed the food that is really good for the animals and not what you think is good. It also does no harm to seek the advice of an expert and make sure that the animals get what they really need.

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