PETPROTECT Katzenkrankenversicherung

Pets are very popular in Germany. Who doesn’t like to have a cuddly cat lying on the sofa next to them when you have to spend the evening alone again? But be careful, just like humans, our pets can get sick. If we’re in a bad way, we go to the doctor. If our animal roommate is in a bad way, we have to make sure that he or she comes to the doctor. None of us can watch the animal suffer. But be careful, the treatment costs for our pets can quickly become very expensive. So that you do not fall into any cost trap and are well prepared for such situations, it can be worthwhile to conclude a cat or dog insurance on But you can also take out other useful pet insurance policies there.

As an animal keeper you have the responsibility for your animal roommate. You gotta make sure the pets are okay. As a pet owner you can choose between a full insurance for accidents and treatments or a surgery cost insurance when it comes to insuring your pet. But don’t be too bona fide, because even with a full insurance, not all costs are always fully reimbursed. Standard treatments such as sterilisation and vaccinations are often excluded from the costs. The annual insurance premiums can vary greatly depending on the age and breed of the animal. Many insurance companies also only reimburse up to a certain maximum amount per treatment or per year. It is also not uncommon for only up to 80 percent of outpatient and inpatient costs to be covered. For this reason, it is important to obtain sufficient information about the services included and to compare the insurances comprehensively. Many insurances exclude benefits in your small print. Depending on The costs of treatment and the degree of difficulty may be tripled by the physician. However, some insurance companies do not cover the triple fee rate. Consequently, you remain sitting on the costs. In order to spare your purse and to guarantee your four-legged friend an optimal supply, you should include the life expectancy of the animal also in the decision. As with us humans, the number and severity of diseases in pets increases with age. This means that the veterinary costs rise with increasing age.

Even if you have taken out a suitable insurance policy, you should regularly set aside a certain amount of money. This can then be used to cover unexpected and uncovered treatment costs.



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