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Information about cats: The domestic cat belongs to the most popular pets. The terms house cat and cat are used as synonyms. It occurs as a domestic animal in practically all areas inhabited by humans, but can also live wild in temperate zones without human influence.

Average size of domestic cats

On average are about 50 cm long, and about 4 kg heavy.
In warmer areas they are slightly lighter, in colder climates they are heavier and larger. Humans are a little bigger than females.

life expectancy

With good care they reach an average age of approx. 15 years, longer lifetimes of 20-25 years are proven. Free living have a life expectancy of up to 5 years.

body language

The condition of the cat is signaled by the expression of the body language, the whole body, including the tail, the position of the ears, and the expression and narrowing of the pupils and eyes are the decision.

High raised tail means joy or cheerful excitement. She’ll feel comfortable and safe. In contrast, a puffed up tail is a sign of aggression and fear. Rapid twitching of the tail signals that she is excited or in a playful mood.

They can also express their emotion through the facial muscles: a threat is expressed by narrowing the pupils, forward facing whiskers, and a retracted neck. In contrast, it shows the following signals when it feels well: half closed eyes, so that the nictitating skin becomes visible.


It can be poisonous or incompatible:
Acids, chocolate, coffee, onions, grapes, apples, apricots, paracetamol.

Toxic plants:
Ivy, Christmas star, petunias, various cactus species.

Tilted windows / window grilles

Tilted windows are particularly dangerous for cats: these should be secured with a special protective grille / (window grille for cats), or the tilting of windows should be avoided altogether.

Cats General Information:

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