Cats can be kept without problems in the flat as flat cats. I myself have been keeping my cat in my flat for years, in small and large flats this has never caused any problems! You should pay attention to the following points if you keep your cat in the flat…

Enough scratching trees for cats – House cat tips

It should set up at least 2-3 scratching trees in your apartment, so that the cat has enough play possibilities, scratching possibilities, and climbing possibilities, among other things, this also protects the cat from scratching your wallpaper.

A balcony pleases the cat particularly. But it also does a window behind which the cat can sit.

Also one should play in the evening enough of a cat.

What I don’t recommend is if you leave the house longer than 10 hours a day. Or leave her alone for two nights! Either you take care of the cat especially intensively in the evening when you are at home, or you want a 2nd cat, or you don’t want a cat. You can leave a cat alone longer during the day, but a cat is nothing for a hectic single who is fully employed, if he can’t afford enough time for it.

Otherwise nothing stands in the way of keeping a cat in the apartment! Play enough with her, take care of her as soon as you get home from work, so she will live long and healthy with you in the household.

I also live on a very busy road, so I don’t even begin to think about letting my cat out of the apartment. She has also in all the years where she lives with me managed to leave my apartment unattended – so to speak run away!

Cat Freigänger as apartment cat

Which I can’t recommend to you, is to keep a cat used to freewheeling in the apartment. This one will literally go crazy. If you want to keep a cat only in the apartment, this must be imprinted in the early childhood of a cat. A cat from a farm that is already several months old will find it hard to stay locked up in the apartment all day without company.

Free-range cats should also be neutered or sterilized. This may sound a bit inhuman to some, but under various aspects of animal welfare it is advisable to prevent the reproduction of cats.

Do I need a second cat if I only have one in the apartment?

I’m telling you, it all depends on the cat.

My cat hates other cats! I tried it once as a test with a 2nd cat over several weeks, it was not successful. A 2nd cat should fit accordingly the 1st cat, or immigrate directly with the cat into the apartment. So you don’t have to make a cat happy with a new strange cat if the individual cat is doing well. Cats, however, are happy about comradeship, no matter whether it is human or animal comradeship, there are also enough cats who would like to stay single, but live with other people incredibly happy together.

Further equipment of the dwelling with the attitude of cats in dwellings

For one cat one litter tray is sufficient, for 2 cats you should have 2 litter trays. It simply protects against fights and claims to dominance between the two cats.

As house cats tip: Also you should have distributed at least 2 feeding bowls in the apartment, which contain water, further feeding bowls should contain wet food or dry food.

Cats do not drink while eating, cats drink spontaneously when they roam the apartment. The more water a cat drinks during the day, the more kidney problems are unlikely.

Cats love boxes! They love to sleep in there, they love paper, and a cardboard box is a good playground.

Why do I recommend stainless steel feeding bowls?

Plastic contains plasticizers that can dissolve in drinking water for cats! That’s why either feeding bowls made of stainless steel or porcelain are suitable to make sure that the cat can’t get allergy from the feeding bowls.

Loud music and cats?

That depends on the cat, my cat has nothing against occasional loud music, neither fear of it, nor does she leave the room. Still, I don’t deliberately bother her with loud music.

New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Eve with the cat?

That’s what I figured out some time ago: I put on background music that is so loud that my Kitti can no longer locate the bangers. That reassures her.

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