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First of all I have to say that everybody has the right to feed his cat as he wants! Some prefer one food, others prefer the other, some prefer only dry food, others wet food, others a combination of both. I’m giving you what I’m feeding you and I’m telling you why!

What do I feed my cat? Cat food, dry food and wet food for cats

I feed one bowl of wet food per day, this is from the Aldi, variety poultry, and I make sure that it contains no sugar. Why do I feed wet food to the cat from Aldi? I started with it many years ago, and I don’t want to take it off, because the cat is used to this food.

Dry food for cats, flat cats, domestic cats.

Best dry food, grain-free for cats: Food for cats only grain-free, without grain! I have changed my cat’s diet so that I no longer allow grain in the diet for her (by the way, I no longer eat grain myself). Cats are not rabbits, cats like humans, do not tolerate grain in the long run! I can’t let you therefore the following products are recommended for cat food without cereals:

Diet Nutrition Housecat / Cat

These products contain a high percentage of proteins, healthy fats, and some vegetables. They contain no grain, no rice, and are also an excellent source of nutrition and food for cats.
The price may be high, but the cat eats less of it, and you also save the money for expensive veterinary examinations for the next few years.
Good nutrition pays off, in humans as well as in cats.

How important is water for the cat?

The cat does not need so much water that it absorbs a lot about the food when its wet food feeds. Cats are also former desert animals and do not sweat like humans. Nevertheless, they need water of course. This is one of the reasons why I feed a portion of wet food a day so that it absorbs the appropriate amount of fluid. Otherwise I distribute 2 feeding bowls filled with water in my apartment, so that it can also take up water by chance.

Change water daily – for the cat

I don’t change the water every day, because I have made the experience that she drinks more often when the water is about 2-3 days old.

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