We do almost everything for our animal pets in their homes. Whether dog or velvet paw, they almost always have a life with their people, like God in France. And what we do for their well-being, stroke them, cuddle them and pamper them from time to time with various gourmet snacks. Oh yes, Mikesch, Oscar or Minka should be called…

But enough with the moaning. Many of our pets have really taken it well and go relaxed in the free run on mouse stalk or on the leash with master and mistress walk. But of course there are also little ogres who are barred from freedom. Sometimes because of its uniqueness, because, who wants to constantly dedust a Persian cat and to develop it? And sometimes, because they are small “ruffians” who better stay in their home four walls. City life and playing on the motorway is also not recommended for cats. So they get a soft cushion put on the windowsill and hunt birds, mice & Co. from here. But what about the manicure and pedicure?

This side of a cat’s life must also be given sufficient attention. Cats that are not allowed to enjoy a free day, must absolutely call a scratching tree their own. The little Stuben Tigers demand movement if they don’t want to mutate into the thick Garfield. Because of its slim line alone, a cat tree is an absolute must. If it also has built-in caves and different levels, it is an absolute highlight in cat’s eyes. Here, where you can stretch out after the “work” is done and if you need the necessary nail care on the existing sisal. can take care of.

What is presented here a little ironically is a compulsory task for every cat and every “can opener” should offer her the opportunity. Cat tree and cat tree are absolutely necessary utensils for our house cats. They need a place where they can really power themselves up, sharpen their claws and romp as they please. If you deny them such a place, the furniture may have to believe in it. It’s in the nature of cats that they scratch. They therefore need a species-appropriate alternative to forests and meadows. It is important to have a beautiful place to observe and sleep and to be able to live out their care and marking behaviour.

Now everything is taken care of, from the kitten trees to the senior trees, there is a wide range of what is to be seen. But alternatives such as scratch boards, scratch mats or scratch barrels are also waiting for human can openers. If this is still not enough for you, you should grab a hammer, wood and sisal, then it will work even with the most demanding Stuben-Tiger…

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