PETPROTECT Katzenkrankenversicherung

Cat / house cat safety tips, cat-safe apartment, exit cat-safe secure, so that cat does not run away – run away and escape of house cats prevent. With cat net, telescope days and some ideas make the apartment safe for the cat.

Securing the exit of an apartment – so that cats don’t run away – Safety tips for cats

In 2008 I lived in a smaller apartment than before. In my old pad, it wasn’t a problem to run away. My cat stayed in the kitchen during the day. When I got into the apartment, I unlocked the front door. Then I closed behind me and opened the kitchen door. My kitten came miauend me in addition and I had no problem with run away.

My 2008 booth was a little smaller than before, is well cut, but does not have the luxury of a hallway. So I had to come up with something sharp so she couldn’t get away with it.

Secure apartment and exit for cat – cat-safe apartment

I needed the following:

  • 6×3 m cat protection net
    • the size depends on how big the entrance should be!
  • 3 x ceiling supports

Construction of the cat-safe entrance – cat in the apartment but safe!

Place telescopic poles around the entrance. Then you wrap the net above and below and stretch the stands on the floor and wall. Where you want to go, don’t leave the net wrapped up on the ground.
Weights the whole thing down so that the cat cannot slip through and wraps the net around the post in the entrance area.

The whole thing isn’t very nice – but it’s without drilling, it’s relatively quick to set up, it’s stable and does what it’s supposed to do: keep the cat inside and Prevent escaping from the apartment!

As the next stage of extension I’m still looking for a telescopic pole about 1 m long – that would save me the cardboard wall. Nevertheless with the cardboard wall my cat has again additional scratching possibility.

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