In many households in Germany there are domestic cats, these are usually 4 kg heavy, and reach a size of 50 cm. A distinction is made here between free movers and flat cats. The latter should be provided with appropriate playing facilities so that they can let off steam and stay long and healthy.

For the basic equipment in an apartment are recommended beside feeding bowls, which supply the tiger with food and water, also suitable play possibilities. A scratching tree helps the animals to train their mobility, to feel comfortable in their home, and of course not to scratch the wallpaper. For the well-being of the cat and for the protection and the protection of the own dwelling a scratching tree is obligation.

There are the various quality differences that one should consider.

Of course it is important how high the cat tree is. Different heights, allow to place the scratching tree freely in the apartment, or to stretch it to the ceiling. Especially the products that can be stretched to the ceiling allow the cat to climb to the complete height of the apartment and the play equipment is used like a ladder. Ceiling-high trees are also space-saving, as the whole event takes place on one vertical and several floors. The base area is rectangular and is only a few centimetres. The anchorage to the ceiling should be stable so that there is no risk of tipping or wobbling.

Other cat trees are larger, take up more ground space, but can also be designed as a special accessory and design object in an apartment.

One should always pay attention to the processing. All trees should be wrapped with sisal rope so that the domestic cat can etch or sharpen its claws and promote natural growth, care and wear. Very important, especially for flat cats! Larger trees should be stable on the ground.

The question, whether one should include also special tubes, or closed sleep possibilities, decides the cat later. Some tigers love to sleep openly, and others like to retreat into a cuddly, dark corner when they are tired.

It is recommended to provide several opportunities for the cat to play. Thus, if one places these trees at several positions in the apartment, one’s own apartment provides a nice playground in which the room tiger can feel comfortable. From this new play equipment, the cat can inspect its territory, retreat, relax, and of course also celebrate the care and marking behavior.

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