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Your favorite cat should learn to be brushed with a comb from childhood on. Healthy and shiny hair is important for a long life of your pet.

Why is it important to comb the cat?

Brushing is not only pleasant for the cat, but also very healthy for her. Every time you comb your pet, examine its skin and coat. And since the beautiful coat is a sign of health, you will always be sure about the welfare of your cat.

In addition, brushing the wool helps to prevent some digestive problems. The fact is that the cat swallows a lot of hair while grooming. This hair rolls into the digestive tract and can cause health problems. To avoid this, the pet should be combed. Shorthair cats must be combed once a week, and long-haired cats with a thick undercoat – every day for a few minutes.

Of course, brushing (see here for more) helps the hair to eliminate the need to clean too often at home. With the help of a suitable brush, the wool remains on the brush, which means that you can forget hair on furniture and clothes.

How do I choose a cat brush?

To comb a cat or kitten, you need a special brush. This not only removes the unwanted part of the hair, but also gives your pet a lot of pleasure.

There are brushes whose main purpose is to brush a coat, but at the same time gently massage the body, stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and remove the keratinized skin areas. If you choose a brush, pay attention to the comb hairs, they should not be made of hard metal – such brushes are mainly intended for dogs. Some cats do not like such brushes because they cause pain. It should also be ensured that the material does not generate static electricity.

Otherwise, there are special massage brushes that do not excessively remove excess wool, but stimulate blood flow and give your cat a real treat. As a rule, they have rounded bristles that gently comb the cat’s hair without pulling it tight.

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