PETPROTECT Katzenkrankenversicherung

Information and history on how she came to me.


When I moved into my first own pad in the middle of 2004, I decided to keep a cat. I knew the problem of overcrowded animal shelters and wanted to give an animal the opportunity to move in with me.
The first visit turned out to be a stroke of luck. I played with a few cats to test which one likes me and vice versa. But this little cat was the only one who jumped on my back and felt comfortable and purred.

  • Even today she still does it regularly!

She felt at home as soon as she moved in. Looked at the apartment, sniffed everywhere.
The very first night she slept on my chest in bed. Cat lovers will surely know the comforting feeling of having a small, warm felt ball on or with them.

cat allergy

Unfortunately I got a proven cat hair allergy after 4 weeks. Yes. Especially for me it was a very difficult experience at that time. It was all the more shocking because I had cats in my childhood and never had any problems.

(2007) Today I have the allergy very well under control. Thanks to lingual hyposensitization (ask google), the allergies to the

The symptoms almost go away after 2 years. And this, although I had very strong initial asthma – cold – sneezing complaints after the cat was with me a few weeks.

So it’s worth it. All you have to do is have a goal. At that time I had a good doctor who supported me very well and also went through the therapy with me.

The months and years went by.

Every evening when I came home from work, I was looking forward to her and she was looking forward to me and showed that also loudly.

Occasionally there was a new cat tree, some toys or a new blanket.
She also had a lot of fun hiding in the blankets of the bed. When I didn’t see or hear from her for an hour I was looking for her.

February 2006 – First contact with my girlfriend

My new girlfriend came to visit me for the first time. Not only she took my kittens into her heart, also my kittens took my girlfriend into her heart with deep growling, meowing and hump-jumping.

End of 2006 – Experiment with second cat

At the end of 2006 I tried to invite a second cat to my apartment and to become a sister.
I’m afraid it didn’t work out. After six weeks, I gave it up. The two didn’t get along, my old cat even got sick. Stress, I guess, because that was the first time in all the years she was sick.

  • With a really heavy heart I brought back the second cat, which I still felt very sorry for today.

In the middle of 2007 she moved into another apartment with

… and feels how I find it and how you notice it, even better here than in the old place!

I hope it stays with me for many years to come. Healthy and fit into old age.

Since she is an indoor cat, luckily I don’t have to worry about the dangers lurking outside on streets and paths. My parents’ cat was driven dead in front of our own house. You don’t want to have such an experience with your own kittens.

She gets her regular good food. 1 x a year to the doctor.

  • And she prefers to hide in cardboard boxes and likes to scratch them, sleep all day long and rush through the apartment to let off the excess energy.

mid 2008

Now she’s landed in a new apartment. Almost twice as big as the old one, with a balcony that she “guards” every evening and much more space to run around. in the apartment!

mid 2010

She still lives a healthy and lively life with me and likes every person who lives with me.

In her entire career, she had even caught a bird! And put it in my apartment as a thank-you. How a cat manages to catch a bird, although cat and bird are separated by a cat protection net – misterious.

Now in 6 years it stands Noire: 2:0 – 1 mouse and 1 bird killed 🙂

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