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What is the mission of veterinary medicine? An animal welfare practitioner is a person who performs special treatments on animals.

The starting point and basis is a handed down and practical knowledge based experience about the behaviour and treatment of animals.

  • Vistano specializes in veterinary medicine for cats

This knowledge is already several hundred years old.

Although there are several possibilities to practice treatments with a veterinary education, there are still different areas of an animal health practitioner today.

These works mostly freelance and often have a very great success in the treatment of various suffering animals.

Because it is often so that these animal welfare practical men can use methods, which veterinary surgeons did not learn in their medical training and may not also exercise.

In many cases, the animals are treated with homeopathic remedies, so special gentle procedures for the animals are highly recommended.

The treatment with herbal or homeopathic remedies as well as nutritional science, the special care and treatment of the animals are in the foreground of the activity.

The possibility of acupuncture is also a special field, because not only for humans, but also for animals the treatment with acupuncture is a meaningful measure.

However, there are also a few restrictions in veterinary medicine: surgical interventions are not permitted, because an anaesthetist is not allowed to carry out a veterinary practitioner.

Another name is that of alternative veterinary medicine.

This is because it should differ specifically from veterinary medical treatment based on human medicine. Only veterinarians are allowed to complete the application of medicinal products which are subject to the law of prescription-only use.

A few points to be made at the alternative veterinary medicine, are those of animal homeopathy, or also of Bach flower therapy.

Special animal psychologists are of course also dedicated to the psychological treatment of an animal. Disturbed cats, disturbed horses or also disturbed dogs can be treated so successfully.

Gentle methods and possibilities offer a balanced and rounded treatment for special or difficult cases of these animals.

Many years of experience and also a sufficient knowledge with the handling of these animals helps to bring the health back to the front line.

These animal welfare practical men are connected often in professional associations, so that a good organization and communication are possible among the individual animal welfare practical men.

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