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Do you know it? You have to make a routine visit to the vet with your furry friend, but your velvet paw is already panicking when it comes to the car? For cats a car ride can be both: either an exciting adventure or a stressful nightmare.

In both cases you should also consider your own safety. An animal running around in the car can quickly distract you from traffic, which can end dangerously for you and your beloved kitten.

For your own safety and the comfort of your pet, you should therefore familiarise yourself with special transport boxes. Here your cat will have enough space to make herself comfortable, she’ll feel safe and protected in that box, while you don’t have to worry about where exactly your pet is climbing around in the car. You can also place the transport box initially in the apartment so that the cat can become familiar with it. You will see: within a very short time a car ride will no longer be a problem for the velvet paw.

But where exactly can you find these transport boxes? offers you an extensive selection of these articles. And while you’re looking for a box for your cat, take a look at the great range of toys for cats, cat food, treats, cat toilets, litter, scratching trees and sleeping caves. There are also educational aids for cat owners, watering troughs and feeding bowls, as well as various care and hygiene articles.

So why do you hesitate? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the competent and friendly experts of our customer service department. They will be happy to help you with the right selection of the ideal items or the ordering process. In addition, your delivery will be within a few days.

So convince yourself that ZooBio is the ideal partner when it comes to the health and well-being of your beloved animals!

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